Strawberry Jam

With strawberries in season, I thought it was time to make a batch of jam! This is my first ever attempt at home canning.  I did a ton of reading on it, and slowly accumulated all of the needed equipment.  Excited like a kid on Christmas morning, I headed out to a local produce stand and picked up 2 quarts of strawberries.

The most important thing about canning that I’ve learned so far is to have everything ready! I washed all the jars, started heating the canner, and measured out the sugar and lemon juice needed while I washed and hulled the strawberries. Now it was time to crush the berries! For this task, I used a potato masher which made the job a breeze.

The process of making the jam was actually easier than I thought.  You just add the lemon juice and pectin (whisk well to make sure pectin is dissolved) to the crushed strawberries in a big sauce pot and then bring it up to a boil. Then you add all the sugar and mix well. Bring the jam back up to a boil that can’t be stirred down, then you start the clock for one minute. After one minute, the jam is done!

Now it’s just a matter of getting the jars filled to the correct headspace of 1/4″ and making sure all of the air bubbles are removed. You put the lids on with the bands and then you process in  a water bath canner for 10 minutes. After processing cool the jars on a towel overnight. The next day check for seals and label!

Gotta love hard water (that’s the white film you see on the lids)! No big deal, it wipes off easily. The recipe made eight half-pint jars. Now all I need to do is give some away to family and friends! 🙂


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