Finally Feels Like Spring

It finally feels like spring, and it’s time to sow the seeds in the raised beds! There’s something about working the soil that makes you feel really good. Part of if probably has to do with the promise of the summertime’s harvest.

Saturday, I transplanted three canes of Triple Crown Blackberries. I’m not expecting to get any kind of harvest the first year. It’ll be interesting to see if these blackberry bushes thrive for years to come. The thought of potentially being able to make homemade blackberry jam from these plants starting in year two is exciting.

Today was the best day of the weekend. The sun was out in full force and it was nice and warm. I even got just a touch of sunburn! The main part of the garden (the raised beds) was worked. I mixed in some good topsoil, and it was time to sow some seeds.

Along the whole back of the bed that is right in front of the fence, I sowed some Burpee Pickler Hybrid Cucumber seeds.  I want the cucumbers to grow vertically, so I stapled a wire mesh fence on top of the wooden fence.

I sowed some Patty Pan Summer Squash seeds in one half of the raised bed, and in the other half I sowed some Kentucky Blue Pole beans. I made two teepee’s, and around each individual pole, I sowed four seeds.  Now all we have to do is wait for our tomato plants to arrive from Burpee!

Signs of Life From The Garden!

Almost two weeks to the day, Amy and I planted seeds in our new raised bed!  We planted Spinach, Lettuce, Beets and Broccoli.  Now we have signs of life coming up from the soil!

Below is our first sprout of Spinach:

Next we have some lettuce:

Finally, we have some sprouts of broccoli:

Unfortunately, our beet seeds haven’t germinated yet. Hopefully they will make an appearance soon!

With Autumn fast approaching, our next step is to build a cold frame.  The supplies have been ordered, and we hope to build it soon. Stay tuned!