Joe’s Quick Grape Mead

Time for another batch of mead.  This time, I decided to do a one gallon batch of Joe’s Quick Grape Mead.  If the recipe holds true, this  mead should be ready in about five weeks!  The mead itself will ferment out dry since I’m using the Lalvin EC-1118, which is a champagne yeast.  Once primary fermentation is complete, I am going to stabilize and backsweeten.   I do plan on cutting the amount for sweetening to 3 oz of honey and 3 oz of grape juice.  I want to add just a little bit of sweetness.

2 pounds clover honey, 64 oz Welch’s Grape Juice with Vitamin C added


Here’s the recipe that I used.  The recipe called for an ounce of buckwheat honey, but I did not have any on hand.  So I just added an extra ounce of clover honey.

2 pounds Clover Honey

2 ounces Buckwheat Honey (I just put an extra ounce of clover in since that is what I have on hand.

1/8 tsp of pectic enzyme (I did not use as the juice is already clear, and the author added a comment saying probably not necessary)

64 oz Welch’s Grape Juice with Vitamin C added

Balance water needed to make total volume 1 gallon

Lalvin EC-1118 Yeast


3 oz clover honey, 3 oz Welch’s Grape Juice, 1/2 tsp sorbate, crushed campden tablet

The Starting Gravity came out to about 1.10.  Now to wait two weeks before I check on it. I can’t wait to see how it comes out!

SG about 1.10

Until next time, Happy Brewing/Mead Making!