Orange Blossom Mead Update

Yesterday, I decided to check on the progress of my Orange Blossom Mead that’s in primary. So far, I am about three weeks into primary fermentation.  I was not disappointed in what I found.  I took a hydrometer reading and it came out to 1.004, down from 1.103.  I would say that primary fermentation is about done! I will take a couple more readings next week just to be sure.

Hydrometer Reading of 1.004

I also decided to take a little taste of the sample (the best part of the process).  I was expecting to get pure rocket fuel.  I was very pleasantly surprised with the taste! I didn’t get any of that rocket fuel that can happen with meads after primary fermentation.  I think that the staggered nutrient additions helped with that.  It was dry, but not too dry, and very flavorful! I’m very happy with the progress so far!  Next weekend it should be ready to rack over to secondary.

Until next time, happy brewing/mead making!